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Sep 27, 2011

How do you ask for the Canter????

 Think inside rein outside leg.....lets break it down......

Inside indirect rein
-will free up the shoulder so that he can pick up the correct lead

Outside supportive direct rein
-to insure that he does not turn to the inside from the rein pressure

Inside supportive neutral leg
-to help him stand up and not lean on the circle

Outside active leg behind the girth
-to activate his hind in to travel diagonally into the inside lead

Drop outside seat
-to help push him into the inside lead and free up the inside back muscles

It is important to have all aids working together at all times because he is not at a place where he automatically knows where to put his feet how you need them to be placed. You want him bending slightly to the inside with his haunches and shoulder on the circle at all times. This helps him move with the most fluid movement and helps him picks up his leads naturally. When traveling on a circle, a horse would never naturally bend to the outside unless they are unbalanced or weak on one side. It is important to teach a horse to be balanced going both directions when they are young so they do not develop any stiffness and should always bend to the inside, just as he does when he is on the longe.

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