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What is C/M training?

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Now for what C/M is..... The C in C/M stands for combined. The M stands for method. So C/M is combined method training. Genesis is combining traditional training methods with natural horsemanship for a new and effective approach. C/M training works for every breed, discipline, and temperament of horse. no animal is too young or too old to learn from the techniques. I will be going through some of the basics in my videos, but an example of the combined method is in ground work. If you notice I use a form of "joining up" then mix things up an add traditional dressage training by ground driving from the side of the horse to teach rein cues. I throw in techniques from all kinds of disciplines to form a universal training program to start or re-train almost any horse for any discipline. If you have any questions or you are interested in having Liz work with your horse please call or e-mail Genesis at
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